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Paying anyone to do anything by the hour never creates the right incentive.


Instead of compensating them for being creative, effective, and efficient, paying by the hour encourages them to take longer and removes quality from the equation - in current industry terminology this is referred to "time and materials," and you're likely spending money this way right now.


Sirrus7 is a high-talent software engineering firm that upends this paradigm by utilizing a unique & predictable cost model with quality delivery at its core. 



When you are searching for partnership in development you typically only have 2 choices:


       1.) Offshore developers = Low cost + low quality… time/language barriers, and the whole bit.

       2.) Onshore development in a traditional model = High cost + high quality.


What if you could have the best of both worlds = low cost + high quality?



Sirrus7's approach provides the lift that you need using predictive flat-rates. This translates to daily, weekly, monthly, etc. billings that do not fluctuate, and are therefore predictable for your projects that we tackle together - for the duration of each engagement.

We contribute to your organization as members of your team, creating clear-box solutions alongside your contributors for continuous knowledge-transfer and immediate ownership for your team.  


Our Evoke framework blends the rate of Architect/Mentor level talent-members along with early-career, and highly capable, teammates to provide scaffolding that ensures quality and timeliness of delivery - in the same predictable manner as our specialized software development services.

In the Evoke model, a team size as little as three or four (US-based team members) creates a blended rate which competes with offshore pricing, but is composed of domestic talent. Each of these team members have proven themselves and are available for your employment if and when you so choose to extend an offer - and never with any conversion fees. 



In addition to the specialized software development services that we offer, we can lend a hand in the ever-increasing challenge of identifying talent to grow your organization. In fact, we do so in a manner that tailors high-aptitude talent to your doorstep who have been proven in your very own environment.

On its own or in parallel to our specialized-talent development delivery, this POD model allows for a "try before you buy" paradigm for any of those teammates that you might like to hire into your own organization as FTE's - again, always without any conversion fees.



Are you ready to champion a better way for your organization to obtain best-in-class software development delivery? We derived these approaches having lived in your shoes and longed for a better way to do things. Better than barter over hourly price-points, and fights for knowledge transfer that didn't leave us with black box solutions, and/or dependencies on the very firms that we hired to come into our organizations.

Sirrus7 is antithetical to those approaches, and we want the opportunity to help your initiatives thrive. Let's chat! 

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