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We have over forty projects in our portfolio working with startups to the Fortune 100 and spanning a wide variety of services including:


  • Executive Leadership

  • Strategic Assessment and Roadmapping

  • Architecture and Infrastructure guidance

  • Modernization from monolith to services-based architecture 


  • Migration to cloud platforms

  • Mobile development

  • DevOps and CI/CD buildouts

  • SRE tooling

  • Data platform buildouts

  • Green-field software development


Software Development Customer

Helped an industrial IoT company to customize, design and develop their next generation commercial platform providing real-time visibility into the performance of IoT equipped/capable assets.  Deployed the solution and scaled it to support a surge of high-profile customers requiring millisecond granularity spanning thousands of assets.

“We worked with Sirrus 7 for almost 2 years as we bootstrapped and launched our company and product. The Sirrus 7 team was great to work with and always went above and beyond to ensure the project was successful.The Sirrus 7 team was great to work with and always went above and beyond to ensure the project was successful.”

Adam Livesay, Cofounder/Chief Customer Officer


Modernization Customer

This client's order management system was in need of newer technology and architecture. sirrus7 was commissioned to lead the effort to break the monolithic code base into microservices and rewrite code written in Java using GoLang and Javascript.  Our work helped increase the ability for their website to scale to hundreds of customers per second.

“The engineers that I’ve worked with from Sirrus7 are some of the best I’ve worked with in my career and they’re more than capable of handling the scale and complexity.”

Brett Wedewer, Director of Engineering


DevOps Customer Story

Recommended, designed, and built templates for automated infrastructure of projects across a large philanthropic ecosystem.  Included Azure service utilization, cloud management fundamentals, tooling selection, and general CI/CD practices.  Guided efforts to bring project teams into the new environments and standardize DevOps.

“Sirrus has always been there to deliver for us. We were looking to fill a tactical role but they stepped in to help deliver strategic, value added services that made our existing strategy that much better.”

Jinoo M, Director


Cloud-Native Customer Journey

Assisted with the migration of code and data from a legacy system that was costing a big data software company approximately $30k/month in infrastructure and maintenance costs.  Ensured that all existing customers and functionality were migrated to AWS and leveraged cloud native services.

“I was immediately impressed with Sirrus7's responsiveness, customer service, and genuine interest in our problems, as well as their desire to be a part of the solution. Sirrus7 felt like they would be more of a partner than a vendor.”

John G, VP Engineering


Data Engineering Customer

Built a fully extensible data system that pulls information from state education sources, transforms and stores it, and makes it accessible via county analytics tools for analysis and reporting.  Work included a staging and star schema data architecture, automated ETL jobs, and a sematic layer available to business and technical stakeholders.

“We just added this case study and are awaiting a testimonial.  Coming Soon!”

Amy L, Data Manager

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