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As a true engineering studio, our focus is to build and improve our client's products and systems, modernize their infrastructure, and automate deployment processes.  There is no project too small and we are extremely proficient at breaking up the ones that are too large into consumable iterative bodies of work.  We want to work together to get you set up and able to move forward on your own.  There are always more problems to solve and we prefer to get invited back instead of "landing and expanding" or making you dependent on our services.



We have a very diverse and experienced team that has built production-level software in most modern languages including Golang, .Net, Java, Javascript (node.js, Angular, React), Python, and more.  We are well versed in building or migrating code to service oriented architectures, building out SaaS applications, and creating mobile apps in iOS, Android and hybrid approaches.

If you can dream it up, we can help you build it!



Our team has helped clients large and small improve their architecture and design patterns to allow them to maintain, support and scale their IT systems for years to come.  Whether it is helping break a monolithic code base into micro-services, moving from legacy languages and frameworks to newer ones, improving or building a secure multitenancy environment, or shifting data acquisition from batch processing to event driven we have deep experience making sure your transformation is a success while supporting your existing business needs. 



We are experts in the three major cloud providers - AWS, Azure and GCP - and carry certifications and partnerships for each of them.  We will help you build your technology to be cloud-native and take advantage of the wealth of tools offered in their ecosystems.  Doing that with an eye on automation and sustainability will ensure that you don't need teams of expensive engineers to maintain what you put out there



This means so many things, but what we offer is help building the right technology to allow companies to ship code, products or features when they want, as fast as they want.  Often more importantly than the tech, we help redesign the workflows and IT organizations in a way that streamlines those efforts.  We are thought leaders in the application of the most industry leading tools including Teraform, Vault, Github, Gitlab, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps and many more.



We help design and build a wide array of data systems including data warehouses, business intelligence platforms, machine learning / data-science environments, application data architecture, and event driven data acquisition.  Our team has an end-to-end skill set which includes analysis and data profiling, ETL development, data architecture, and reporting / dashboards / data visualization.

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