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Above the Clouds

Internship Opportunities


Sirrus7 is a very technical team of software developers versed in a multitude of languages and toolsets.  We build and ship products, infrastructure, and deployment automation.


Our work includes projects for the Fortune 100, startups, and the public sector.  We have built product from the ground up and migrated old technology to modern stacks in the cloud, on-premise, as well as hybrid and multi-cloud architectures under the most regulatory of security protocols.


We have partnerships with most all of the major cloud providers,  technology companies leading the way in development and infrastructure, and numerous educational institutions and non-profits. 

Why Intern with Us?

Sirrus7 has successfully jump-started and accelerated the careers of numerous individuals who have decided to join us in tackling enterprise-grade technical problem solving solutions, alongside our tenured talent-members by way of internship.

Teaming up with coding bootcamps, universities, colleges, and non-profit organizations; Sirrus7 has created a unique program which provides our clients experienced enterprise software engineers coupled with hand picked early-career developer/engineer-interns from communities including veterans and spouses, women, people of color, and people in regions that have struggled economically. 


Our internship program engages to execute against our clients’ backlogs utilizing their processes, frameworks, tools, infrastructure, security protocols and governance overlays. Extremely well seasoned senior-engineers guarantee the work gets done in the most time/cost/quality effective means possible while simultaneously “training up” the talented individuals who decide that an internship with Sirrus7 is right for them.

Above the Clouds

Let’s Work Together


450 Alaskan Way S, Ste 200 

Seattle, WA 98104

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Sirrus7's primary objective for our internship program is to give talented and ambitious individuals across the nation local options to pursue gainful career paths in software development, and by way of these infused opportunities for students and recent graduates thusly provide an economic lift for their respective communities of residence.

Work alongside top industry talent with Fortune companies to deliver solutions into their production environments.

Gain exposure and fluency in an array of languages and architectures. We work in any stack that our clients have or are looking to implement.

Domestically collaborate with tenured software development professionals who have expertise in areas that you will be working in. All Sirrus7 talent-members, whether full-time employees or otherwise, are located here in the United States.


Let's work together!

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