We create an optimized product evolution path for your organization to achieve greater velocity, quality, and an added lift to your teams’ skills.

what is the ideation acceleration engine?

Creating a product from an idea requires energy and focus that is difficult to generate in tandem with day-to-day operations.  The Ideation Acceleration Engine creates a catalyst that provides a clear path for product development and delivery within your competing priorities. 

why customers choose it

Crystallize Product Vision

  • Develops a comprehensive go-to-market strategy

Reduce Time-To-Market

  • Drives rapid prototyping and accelerated product iteration

Maximize Return On Investment

  •  ​Executes on the highest yield and prioritized business value

how does it work?

Working directly with stakeholders, customers, and your engineering team, Sirrus7 integrates and enhances your product and strategy initiatives.  We evolve and stack rank your backlog, design and improve UX/UI, and prioritize delivery to generate the highest ROI.

Realize the full potential of your product strategy. 
We work with the most effective tools, technology, and methodologies to take your ideas from whiteboard to reality.
Our rapid prototyping and aggressive iteration skills create space within your business for creativity and execution at maximum effectiveness.


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