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Cost Advantage 

Often the most sensitive initial consideration for getting a new or additive technical initiative off the ground, approved, or accelerated is the ROI and Cost component of obtaining Talent to contribute for providing the necessary Velocity. Sirrus7’s Evoke Engine is composed of a unique and multifaceted approach to these challenges.

Predictable & Optimized with Evoke

A hand-picked and blended combination of skills and aptitude are brought together in your Evoke Team, tailored for your project’s success. 

These talented team members will deliver on your prioritized needs, grow within your specific technical atmosphere, and are available for your hiring & development team growth needs. 

You will never incur any conversion costs, hidden or otherwise, for opting to incorporate Evoke Team members into your employee pool. 


Great team members are hard to identify with limited interaction, and an Evoke Team is an effective method to highlight proven individuals who are a terrific fit for your company & environment.





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